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It was the tiniest thing I ever decided to put my whole life into
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Baby Resources
Say Mmm - Plan meals, find and organize recipes, and creat grocery lists easily. A great set of tools for busy parents - Cool blog with a variety of helpful information and interesting stuff

Babies Online FREE Birth Announcements - Create a web site for your new baby, complete with pictures, instantly and for free! Tons of other great (and free!) stuff for new and expectant parents too, so check it out!! - A good blog on all things baby Parenting - Great site with a constant stream of articles about babies and parenting form guide Stephanie Brown.
Brand New Dad is an online community, resource center and search engine for New and Expectant Fathers. Join Free!
Complete Guide to Infertility and Adoption
Shared Journey is dedicated to providing quality information on topics such as infertility, miscarriage, surrogacy, pregnancy after infertility, living child-free, and adoption.
StorkNet - An excellent collection of resources on parenting.
Baby Place: The starting point for information on pregnancy, birth and babies.
Australian Baby Hands - Communicate with your pre-verbal baby using basic sign language, Auslan, the national sign language of Australia.
Baby Names - The best in baby names on the Internet.
Baby Names From Around the World! - The database of baby names from major regions and religions in the world.
Baby Names - A complete guide to baby names, sorted by sex and origin.
Baby Names List - Search from twenty thousand baby names and get their meanings.
Your Baby Name - Information on choosing names and specific meanings
Baby Names Country - Nice site with baby names from all over the world
Baby Names - Choose a baby name with this large database of names, their meanings and their origins.
Baby Humor - A complete resource for parents who aren't afraid to admit that they're not perfect -- that nobody is.
Baby Stuff
Original designs for baby: DoodleDuds Depot - Tongue-in-cheek humor to city chic designs for baby, toddlers, kids and adults. Unique gifts for the bodacious baby!

Baby Bedding by Baby Bedding Town : 3500+ baby bedding sets and accessories from the world's best crib bedding designers, all at discount prices.

Natural Baby Products from Ecobaby - A great shopping site to provide caring parents with a wide choice of natural pregnancy, baby and child toiletries.
Children's Book Reviews and Child Activity that Build Character Children's book review, kid movies, and movie rental reviews evaluated for 17 character traits and moral virtues. Reviews have fun child activities and home school ideas. Child books and child activities that build character.
123Greetings - Cool collection of baby greeting cards that can be sent to friends and family.

Free eCards,Greeting Cards from - Send these Free Love Greetings, Birthday Ecards, Friendship Ecards, Flowers & Gift Cards , Wedding, lovely ecards to your near and dear ones.

Baby Ink Footprint - Cherishing Imprints For Life. Create a timeless keepsake with a baby ink footprint kit.
Dora the Explorer - A fansite dedicated to Dora the Explorer and her friends.
Baby Gifts - Complete guide on bringing up your children, contains useful information for taking care of your children.
Baby Bedding - Good place for baby bedding and crib bedding sets
Baby Magazines
Parenting Magazine
Brain, Child: The Magazine for Thinking Mothers
Parents Baby
Real Dad Magazine
Children of the New Earth
The Compleat Mother
American Baby
New Parent Magazine
Martha Stewart Kids
Family Energy






Way of the Baby
Baby Stuff
Japanese Stuff
Baby Books
There are a host of excellent baby books across many different categories. Below are three that really focus on the fascinating developmental powers of babies
Baby Signs - It is amazing how much babies understand and can communicate, though you would never know half of it without baby signs, since vocal cords take much longer to develop than the underlying cognitive abilities. A must read book for all new parents.
What's Going On In There?: - A little on the scientific side, but incredibly fascinating
Baby Minds - Interesting facts on the developmental stages of a baby's mind along with the type of stimulating exercises and games that are appropriate for those stages.
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